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IMS monitors and polls the Data from all of the Popular Battery Monitoring Systems using IMS CIC (Communication Integration Controller).

While IMS is not a Battery Monitoring System, IMS does offer “Add-on” Sensors that compliment Existing Battery Monitoring Systems. The “Add-on” Sensors are Monitored and Polled by the CIC.


  • Exclusive IMS “Ripple Current Probe” is not affected by AC Ripple Current Module, DC Charge or Discharge Current.
  • Exclusive IMS “Actual” Total String DC Voltage Module. Some battery monitoring systems only provide the sum of all the cell voltages as a “Total String DC Voltage”. For many reasons, this is not always accurate.
  • Additional Temperature Sensors can be added to Any System, independent of Branded Battery Monitoring System.
  • As Qualified Third-Party Sensor Systems become available, IMS will Provide Add-on Monitoring Capabilities.

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