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What is Insite Monitoring System (IMS) ?

IMS is a product developed and wholly owned by PSC during it’s private ownership, IMS continues to be privately held.

IMS is a Web-based Remote Battery Monitoring Solution.

utilizes most popular existing battery monitoring systems and is vendor neutral.

is not a battery monitoring system. IMS provides a simple, reliable method to bring the data from a battery monitoring system to a Unified, Central, Simple-to-use, Web-based Interface.

will let you know in “Functional Real Time”, when a Discharge Event Occurs and when the Battery is Back on Charge.

IMS's CIC, Communication Integration ControllerIMS’s CIC (Communications Integration Controller) communicates to an existing or newly installed battery monitoring system. The CIC Polls the Data being Measured, Monitors the Events, Facilitates the Transport of the Data to the IMS Database Server, and notifies IMS’s database servers of Events.

IMS only requires a Web Browser. No need for OEM Software for day-to-day use. Once you are logged into your IMS Account, all the Data for each of your Battery Monitoring Systems is just a click away, no matter the brand. No need to Drill Down, or Remote into a particular Battery Monitoring System to Review History, Generate Reports, Review Alarms, Mine or Trend Data.


dashboarda1The IMS Dashboard provides a One-View Look at all the Systems. Data Review, Report Generation, Data Mining and Trending, all just One Click Away.

IMS is Expandable and Scalable for your Specific Needs.

The IMS Web Server Portal and Database Servers are Hosted by a Professional Co-Lo, providing for;

  • Feet on the floor 24×7
  • Infinite Scalability
  • State-of-the-Art Security, Redundancy, Backup, and Co-Lo Architecture

Your Collected Data is Safe for the LIFE of your Battery.

IMS is designed for Future Proofing. As qualified new Third-Party Sensor “add-ons” and Monitoring Systems become available, IMS will incorporate then into the Platform, so the latest accepted technology can be utilized.

IMS is Scalable

  • Easy to Deploy for Beta System Test
  • Easy to Retain for Permanent Application
  • Easy to Expand to Keep Pace with System requirements